Shahrukh Khan’S House In America Is More Luxurious Than Mannat, See Photos

Shahrukh Khan'S House In America Is More Luxurious Than Mannat, See Photos
Shahrukh Khan'S House In America Is More Luxurious Than Mannat, See Photos

As much as the people of Bollywood King Khan i.e. Shah Rukh Khan are crazy, they are equally crazy about their Mumbai home bungalow Mannat. Mannat is no less than a tourist spot for those visiting Mumbai. King Khan’s fans come from far and wide to see his bungalow. But very few people know that King Khan has another bungalow which is in America. Where actors go with their family every year and spend a lot of time there. Let us show you    the pictures of Shahrukh Khan’s house in America.

Shahrukh also has a very luxurious bungalow in Weberly Hills, California, USA. Where they often go with the family. Due to Corona virus, SRK could not come here during the summer holidays. Let me tell you that  Beverly Hills is the most beautiful place in America . Here is the house of Priyanka-Nick and Preity Zinta- Jane Goodinf and Sunny Leone along with King . 

This bungalow has 6 large bedrooms. Shahrukh, Gauri, Suhana, Ibrahim and Aryan Khan have different rooms. Shahrukh’s bungalow is no less than a luxury resort.

This house has an extremely large swimming pool. Where King Khan goes swimming with his children. Not only this, there is a private tennis court and jacuzzi. Shahrukh’s beautiful bungalow is just 5 minutes from Rodeo Drive, West Hollywood and Santa Monica. Not only this, this bungalow is also available for rent for the people, whose one night rental is 2 lakh rupees. 

The dining hall of this bungalow is also built in a large space.  Where the entire Khan family has lunch and dinner together. 

The living area of ​​this bungalow is also very luxurious. Where the walls are decorated with big paintings.


 Great sofu and magnificent curtains are placed on the walls. With which you can get an idea of ​​how luxurious their lifestyle will be.

Shahrukh also has a house in Dubai. Shah Rukh has a stately home in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. Shahrukh’s 8500×14000 square feet house is in Dubai. The cost of which is about 17.84 crores. Apart from this, Shahrukh has an apartment in central London.


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